Diversity Network Ambassadors

Join the Diversity Network Company Ambassador Scheme

Making your organisation a Diversity Network Company Ambassador Member is the clearest way to demonstrate your company’s support for Diversity, Equality and Inclusion and to provide your staff with complimentary online D&I learning all year round.

Diversity in the workplace is essential for increasing productivity and innovation, which in turn contributes to better business performance and growth.

At Diversity Network, we are committed to forging a strong community of businesses which are committed to improving how people are treated in the workplace and turning ideas into action.

By becoming a Diversity Network Ambassador, your organisation will benefit as follows:

  1. Join in the discussion with those leading the industry on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion and receive regular invitations to our Meetups and Networking events

  2. Obtain access for your staff to benefit from our brand new Learning Portal: 24 hour access to D&I-related videos, downloadable resources, courses, podcasts and more

  3. Meet and network with your peers through our regular online  networking events

  4. Attract diverse talent and enable your company to stand out as a company really worth being a part of

  5. Gain inspiration from others’ activities in the diversity sphere

  6. Define and shape your own D&I strategy to benefit your business’ productivity long-term

  7. Discover key strategies to integrate high values into the fabric of business life

  8. Benefit from additional content: Receive VIP invitations to Diversity Network’s upcoming events and free ongoing access to on-demand keynotes and discussion sessions.

Together we are stronger. Join us to help make business better!

Many thanks to all our Ambassadors

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