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In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to review your Diversity & Inclusion strategy, improve your operations, strive for equality, and strengthen your business for the future.

Diversity in the workplace is essential for increasing productivity and innovation, which in turn contributes to better business performance and growth.

  • Join in the discussion with those leading the industry on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in the Healthcare Sector and Pharmaceutical industry

  • Gain inspiration from others’ activities in the diversity sphere

  • Define and shape your own D&I strategy to benefit your business’ productivity long-term

  • Enable your company to stand out as a company really worth being a part of!

  • Discover key strategies to integrate high values into the fabric of business life.

Our speakers

Diverse Healthcare & Pharma LIVE featured a valuable mix of presentations and panel discussions on the latest D&I issues, with valuable contributions from across the industry on how to put effective D&I initiatives into action:

Nebel Crowhurst Photo large

Nebel Crowhurst

People & Culture Director, Roche


Professor Shafi Ahmed

Surgeon, Futurist, Innovator, Entrepreneur and Teacher

11/29/18 2:27:33 PM-- Chicago, USA


Portrait of Eloiza Domingo-Snyder

© Todd Rosenberg Photography 2018

Eloiza Domingo

Executive Director & Global Head of
Engagement, Diversity & Inclusion, Astellas Pharmaceuticals

Profile Photo - Rachel 3

Rachel Scheel

Global Head of Culture, Engagement & Inclusion, GE Healthcare

Mohamed Jogi2

Mohamed Jogi

National Programme Manager, NHS Employers

dominique talbert

Dr Dominique Talbert

Director of Specialty Scientific Publications in Medical Affairs, & Co-Chair for the African American EIG (AAEIG), Astellas Pharmaceuticals

download (1)

Bismay Mishra

Director (HIV Global Analytics & Insights) and Global Co-Lead (Pride Alliance), Gilead Sciences

kim sowemimo

Kim Sowemimo

Global Clinical Development Manager, GSK, and Member of Black Pharma

Featuring contributions from the following:

GE Healthcare

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Discover practical strategies and case studies to increase diversity and inclusion in the workforce

The healthcare and pharmaceutical industries have a long way to go to be truly diverse and inclusive.

While 80 percent of the 25 largest publicly traded pharma companies in the United States and Europe had chief diversity officers or equivalent roles in 2018, less than half of surveyed pharma/biotech executives saw their companies emphasising D&I as part of their business strategies, and this is something that must be urgently addressed by the sector.

In healthcare, just nine percent of CEO positions are held by minorities. Although women make up 80 percent of the workforce, only four percent of healthcare companies are led by women, and few women hold other executive positions.

In the context of the changing workforce, companies must prioritise D&I to be able to compete for talented people to fill leadership roles, especially as many healthcare and pharma leaders approach retirement age. Developing a diverse and inclusive organisation should not be seen as a ‘tick box exercise’ – it is extremely important not only for recruitment, but also in order to reflect your customer base and the diverse end users of your products.

The healthcare and pharma industries must first acknowledge that having a diverse, inclusive and culturally intelligent organisation will make a significant contribution to their future success, and then take practical steps towards this.

Improving diversity is essential for increasing productivity and innovation, which in turn contributes to better business performance and growth.

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Diverse Healthcare & Pharma LIVE  |  Main Agenda

Wednesday 23rd September 2020

12:00 BST   Fostering a Culture of Belonging

Join us for this opening session as we talk to Rachel Scheel, Global Head of Culture, Engagement and Inclusion at GE Healthcare, about:

  • How diversity is important, but belonging is what really creates unity and defines the culture of an organisation
  • Why belonging matters
  • What we now need to start talking about, or the behaviours we need to be aware of, if we want to truly foster a culture of belonging

Rachel Scheel, Global Head of Culture, Engagement & Inclusion, GE Healthcare

13:00 BST   Creating Access & Enabling Success for Black Pharma Professionals

Join us as we chat to Kim Sowemimo, Global Clinical Development Manager, Study Start-up Lead, GSK, and Member of Black Pharma, about:

  • The current challenges for Black professionals in pharma – is the sector making progress or is there still a long way to go?
  • The impact of Black Lives Matter – are organisations genuinely prioritising the recruitment and inclusion of Black talent and committing to a sustained approach?
  • Can we do more collectively to make the sector more appealing to those thinking of working in pharma?
  • How can the sector attract, promote and retain more Black professionals? Is recruitment or retention the greater problem?
  • Setting targets – is this effective and is it enough to make real change?
  • The importance of allyship and how to instil this in your organisation
  • How the Black Pharma organisation, of which Kim is a member, is working to break down barriers and enable success for Black Pharma professionals, and the support the organisation can offer

Kim Sowemimo, Global Clinical Development Manager, GSK, and Member of Black Pharma

14:00 BST   Addressing the Lack of Diversity in Senior Healthcare Positions 

There continues to be a lack of diversity in senior leadership positions in healthcare, as shown by shocking statistics recently shared by the BMJ Leader. Join us for an illuminating conversation with world-renowned, multi award-winning Virtual Surgeon, Professor Shafi Ahmed, where we will be discussing:

  • Shafi’s own career journey and his perceptions and challenges along the way
  • Why is healthcare still so far behind when it comes to diversity – particularly at the most senior level – and what will it take to really make a change?
  • Is the recruitment of diverse talent the problem, or is it the retention and career development?
  • What can healthcare organisations do now to work towards a more diverse workforce?
  • What would be realistic targets for the industry – and are targets in fact the most effective way of measuring progress?

Professor Shafi Ahmed, Surgeon, Teacher, Futurist, Innovator and Entrepreneur

15:00 BST   Where Are We Now: HR and D&I in the Complexity of COVID-19 & Social Justice Reform

With the resurgence of the Black Lives Matter Movement starting in the Spring of 2020, there has been much emphasis on addressing inequities in policing, employment and politics.  Little has been mentioned about the intersection of health equity. The presence of gross health inequities in conjunction with three concurrent pandemics: COVID-19, race, and economic recession only exacerbates the latent feelings and experiences of exclusion or career stagnation that many underrepresented communities face – particularly Black, Latino, and Indigenous.  This session will explore these intersections to better understand the root causes, how this plays out on an individual, group, and organisational level, and lastly, what can be done on an individual, group, and organisational level to address them now.

We will be talking to Eloiza Domingo, Executive Director/Global Head of Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion at Astellas on this topic with the intent that participants walk away with the ability to:

  • Gain deeper perspective on the origins of health equity
  • Understand the intersections between the three pandemics, health equity and career experiences of underrepresented communities
  • Learn best practices for addressing the above on an individual, group, and organisational level

Eloiza Domingo, Executive Director/Global Head of Engagement, Diversity and Inclusion, Astellas Pharmaceuticals

16:00 BST   Panel Discussion: Active Steps to Create a More Inclusive Culture

  • Progress made so far towards gender equality and insights from companies championing gender inclusivity in the workplace
  • How to ensure this topic is kept high on the agenda in the post-pandemic world
  • Are there tangible barriers to entry and progression for underrepresented groups within the sector, or is this slowly shifting?
  • How can we encourage greater inclusion and support for diverse talent?

With panellists:

Nebel CrowhurstPeople & Culture Director, Roche

Mohamed JogiNational Programme Manager, NHS Employers

Dr Dominique TalbertDirector of Specialty Scientific Publications in Medical Affairs, and Co-Chair for the African American EIG (AAEIG), Astellas Pharmaceuticals

Bismay Mishra, Director (HIV Global Analytics & Insights) and Global Co-Lead (Pride Alliance), Gilead Sciences

What you will learn

At Diverse Healthcare & Pharma LIVE, discover how to:

  • Enhance business resilience and performance with increased diversity

  • Attract and retain a higher percentage of diverse talent

  • Build an outreach program to encourage young people into the sector

  • Address unconscious bias in the hiring process

  • Increase diversity and inclusion in practice within every element of the employee lifecycle

  • Improve your benefits and policies to make them truly inclusive

  • Instill a mentoring culture within your company

Who should attend?

  • CxOs, Directors and Department Heads looking to encourage greater diversity and representation in their workplace

  • Progressive employees looking to align their own organisation with more inclusive values

  • D&I and Human Resources staff looking to grow a dynamic and energised workforce team, where employees can be truly proud of the place where they work

  • Champions of change who are keen to learn from prominent healthcare and pharmaceutical industry professionals on the frontline of change

  • All who want to help Healthcare and the Pharmaceutical Industry evolve to include a wider, more inclusive workforce

Diversity Network
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