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In these uncertain times, it is more important than ever to review your Diversity & Inclusion strategy, improve your operations, strive for equality, and strengthen your business for the future.

Diversity in the workplace is essential for increasing productivity and innovation, which in turn contributes to better business performance and growth.

  • Join in the discussion with those leading the industry on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion in the Construction industry

  • Gain inspiration from others’ activities in the diversity sphere

  • Define and shape your own D&I strategy to benefit your business’ productivity long-term

  • Enable your company to stand out as a company really worth being a part of!

  • Discover key strategies to integrate high values into the fabric of business life.

Our speakers

Diverse Construction LIVE featured a valuable mix of presentations and panel discussions on the latest D&I issues, delivered by some of the Construction Industry’s most prominent thinkers on Diversity, Equality & Inclusion:

Thumbnail Kieran Thompson

Kieran Thompson

Head of Diversity, Talent & Inclusion, Cundall

Dawn Headshot

Dawn Moore

Group People Director, Murphy Group

rebecca_lovelace 2019

Rebecca Lovelace

Founder & Chief Dot-Joiner, Building People

Marion QA

Marion Whitty

Head of Talent & Development, Countryside Properties


Jackie Anyango

Senior Business Development Coordinator & BAME+ Network Lead, Skanska UK


Teik Tan

Supply Chain Lead & Co-Chair of Multicultural Affinity Network, Balfour Beatty

Christina Houlgrave

Christina Houlgrave

Inclusion & Diversity Manager, Skanska UK


Christina Riley

Founder & Managing Director, LGBT Construct


Chithra Marsh

Associate Director, Buttress, and Women in Property North West Committee

Featuring contributions from the following:

Building People
LGBT Construct square

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Discover practical strategies and case studies to increase diversity and inclusion in the workforce

The subject of women in construction has been much-discussed – and remains important –  but the low level of diversity in the sector is much more widespread. Findings from Building’s diversity survey in 2019 show that construction’s lack of diversity cuts across gender, age, race, sexual orientation and disability. For example, only 13% of workers are female (with very few in senior roles) and 4% are from BAME backgrounds. 

Improving diversity is essential for increasing productivity and innovation, which in turn contributes to better business performance and growth.

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Diverse Construction LIVE  |  Main Agenda

Wednesday 8th July 2020

12:00 BST   Building People: Joining the Dots

It is well-known that the UK needs to build but there is a shortage of skilled workers, and the workforce we have lacks diversity. While there is a multitude of activity taking place to attract and recruit people and to support them into built environment careers, this activity is not joined up. In this opening session, Rebecca Lovelace will put forward a solution to bring people, knowledge and opportunities together, discussing:

  • Understanding the problem: the industry is fragmented and does not support collaborative working. This does not help the individual to find vacancies and content, nor the employer to actively engage with diverse audiences
  • Finding solutions: Building People, a free-to-use platform, aggregates and integrates with industry-wide activity, networks and initiatives to enable people to find employers, opportunities and resources, and employers to engage with a more diverse range of talent
  • How the model works as a ‘network of networks’ to collaboratively address the industry challenges of skills, diversity and social value

Rebecca Lovelace, Founder & Chief Dot-Joiner, Building People

13:00 BST   Fireside Chat with Inclusion & Diversity Manager at Skanska UK, Christina Houlgrave

Christina Houlgrave will share her global D&I experiences and insights, discussing:

  • Recruiting and retaining BAME talent – lessons learned and Skanska’s strategic approach
  • Why increasing flexible working is the key to improving diversity in the sector
  • Effectiveness of, and reaction to, the flexible working pilot undertaken by Skanska
  • How the pandemic has forced the industry to work more flexibly – what will this look like as we move forward? How can companies ensure they continue to take positive steps in flexible working to attract a wider pool of talent?
  • How has the concept of inclusion changed since Covid-19 and lockdown?

Christina Houlgrave, Inclusion & Diversity Manager, Skanska UK 

14:00 BST   Supporting a Neurodiverse Workforce

Kieran Thompson recently became one of the first people in the UK to qualify as Neurodiversity Aware™, as Cundall works towards its ambition of becoming the most inclusive consultancy in the industry. In his presentation, Kieran will cover:

  • Why the construction industry needs to become more aware of neurodiversity
  • Ways in which employers and individuals can support and empower neurodivergent colleagues
  • How Cundall’s five-year D&I strategy will help the business evolve from one that recognises the business benefits of diversity, to one for which diversity is a fundamental, valued and embedded component of its culture and identity

Kieran Thompson, Head of Diversity, Talent & Inclusion, Cundall

15:00 BST    Fireside Chat with Group People Director of Murphy Group, Dawn Moore

Join us as we chat to award-winning HR practitioner, Dawn Moore, about:

  • The impact of culture and behaviours on the long-term success of D&I strategies
  • Why enhancing policies and procedures is not enough
  • Practical examples that work as part of D&I culture change
  • Ways to engage senior leaders in your D&I journey

Dawn Moore, Group People Director, Murphy Group

16:00 BST    Panel Discussion: Constructing an Inclusive Culture

  • Progress made so far and insights from companies championing inclusivity
  • How to ensure this topic is kept high on the agenda in the post-pandemic world
  • Are there tangible barriers to entry and progression for underrepresented groups within the sector, or is this slowly shifting?
  • How can we encourage greater inclusion and support for diverse talent in frontline construction roles?

Christina Riley, Founder & Managing Director, LGBT Construct

Marion Whitty, Head of Talent & Development, Countryside Properties

Teik Tan, Supply Chain Lead & Co-chair of Cultural Affinity Network, Balfour Beatty

Jackie Anyango, Senior Business Development Coordinator & BAME+ Network Lead, Skanska UK

Chithra Marsh, Associate Director, Buttress

What you will learn

At Diverse Construction LIVE, discover how to:


  • Enhance business resilience and performance with increased diversity

  • Attract and retain a higher percentage of diverse talent

  • Build an outreach program to encourage young people into the sector

  • Address unconscious bias in the hiring process

  • Increase diversity and inclusion in practice within every element of the employee lifecycle

  • Improve your benefits and policies to make them truly inclusive

  • Instill a mentoring culture within your company

Who should attend?

  • CxOs, Directors and Department Heads looking to encourage greater diversity and representation in their workplace

  • Progressive employees looking to align their own organisation with more inclusive values

  • D&I and Human Resources staff looking to grow a dynamic and energised workforce team, where employees can be truly proud of the place where they work

  • Champions of change who are keen to learn from prominent Construction Sector professionals on the frontline of change

  • All who want to help the Construction Industry evolve to include a wider, more inclusive workforce

Diversity Network
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Business people working, brainstorming as a team at the office
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Smiling young businesswoman and her diverse team brainstorming ideas with sticky notes on a glass wall while working together in a modern office

Our attendees

Our attendees include:

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