In a changing world with increasingly complex scenarios businesses are challenged to adapt. A diverse workforce and open-minded managements are assets that will help to find innovative and creative solutions. These articles chart the progress and take a look at initiatives that put diversity at the centre of operations.

Promoting Diversity in Your Small Business

Diversity in the workplace can be a complicated subject at times, especially if you’re just a small business that is trying to grow and scale-up. Promoting diversity requires a lot of work and it demands that your entire workforce follows a similar mindset. Aligning everyone’s attitude towards diversity can be tricky – so it requires…

Change Is Needed To Support Mental Health In Schools and Strengthen the Workforce of the Future

The effects of professional life on mental health are well documented. Millions of adults struggle with their mental health at work, and the same is very much true for children and teenagers in school.  With so many children suffering every day without any help from schools, this is leading to a mental health crisis which,…

Making Autism a Priority

Almost £75 million is being invested by the UK Government into a national strategy to improve understanding and acceptance of autism. One of the priorities is to help more autistic people re-enter the workplace, increase support for those currently employed and to offer better resources for employers. The five-year plan will involve national and local…

Ming Long is Diversity Council Australia’s New Chief

Diversity Council Australia’s (DCA’s) Board has appointed Ming Long AM as Chair.  Ms Long has been deputy chair for four years: she was the first woman with Asian heritage to head a top 200 ASX organisation in Australia.  “There is significant responsibility placed on leaders to understand diversity, how to be inclusive and how to…

BBC Presenter at the Palace

June Sarpong’s OBE

How To Make a Career Change Even If You Are Unsure On What Is Next

It can be easy to get stuck in a job that you do not enjoy but hard to see a way out of it. Career changes can be daunting times and it can be very hard for people to take that step, you need to understand what changes need to be made. You will get…

Menopause and disability at work

1.5 million people with a disability are going through menopause in the workplace An extraordinary 20 per cent of people leave their job because of the menopause, reports the CIPD (Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development). It found that three in five going through the menopause at work feel they can’t discuss it. Very little is…

5 minutes with Selina Flavius, Founder, Black Girl Finance

Why you should reconsider asking interviewees, ‘How much do you currently earn?’ Transparent pay bands make wages fair for ethnic minorities, believes Selina Flavius, founder of Black Girl Finance ( She is the best-selling author of the book of the same name. There are more CEOs of FTSE 100 companies with the name Steve or…

5 minutes with Ashley T Brundage on LGBTQ+ inclusion

Ashley T Brundage is a transgender woman who is an equity and inclusion expert in the financial industry in the United States. She began as a teller for a major American bank and in less than five years became vice president of diversity and inclusion for the organisation. This was through a mixture of extremely…

Five minutes with Nicci Take, Head of Growth, Mercer

We are very pleased to have us with us Nikki Take. She’s the Interim Head of Growth at Mercer Wealth UK, and she’s also chairwoman of M62 Vincis, a sales effectiveness organisation.  In her words, Nikki spent 44 years pretending to be male and trying hard to fit into a role that didn’t feel comfortable…

Making reasonable adjustments for Dyslexia

How to make reasonable adjustments for a neurodiverse employee.

Access to Work

What do you know about your rights as an employer for funding equipment and human support for your employees?

Mental health at work: the statistics

It’s there in black and white: work-related stress causes companies to lose out

Our top takeaway from Mental Health Awareness Week

Wellness Action Plans can help your employees get the most out of their jobs – and vice versa.

8 ways to lead workplace wellbeing

Mind’s top tips for managers to support the mental health of staff